Brew Canada
Brew Canada beer kits are expertly developed by a professional Canadian brewmaster and patterned after Canada’s favourite commercial beers. Made with the finest traditional brewing ingredients including genuine concentrated brewing worts and fresh varietal hops to produce beers of outstanding quality. Each kit brews 23L.

1.9Kg kit
Canadian Pilsener Beer
Bright gold in colour with a light, crisp, delicate flavour. Well balanced fruity character with a slightly sweet aftertaste.
Canadian Lager Beer
A bright golden, smooth, refreshing beer with genuine Canadian taste. Clean and clear - crisp and cool
Canadian Draft Beer
Fresh, smooth taste coupled with pronounced hop character distinguishes it from other lagers. A light flavoured, easy drinking style. Very refreshing.
Canadian Light Beer
Lighter in colour with a slight fruity aroma and clean crisp taste. A classic light beer.
Canadian Red Beer
The distinctive rich copper colour and delicious malty flavours have made this one of Canada's favourite beers. Uniquely smooth and very drinkable.
Canadian Blonde Beer
A refreshing new Canadian favourite that is light golden in colour with a milder hop character than most other beers.